Fellow Travelers

We have liftoff on School Year 2016-2017.

Actually we’ve back long enough to make a couple of orbits and pick up a few rocks. But damn, some days it feels like going 17,000 miles an hour.

I share a classroom with our tech department chair. Brilliant dude. Has the relationships built – to the point where some of my students (who know Mr. E from last year) asked him if I was a student teacher. (Which earned me a nickname: “The Young Teacher”. I’ll take that.)

So I have a Home Base for two classes, but I travel for the rest. For real.

Six classes, four classrooms, two floors, never the same room for back-to-back classes. Me and my cart, ready to roll. Marathon training in slow motion. But it’s cool. I’ve got a routine in place already. The rest is standard issue Starting At A New School:

Learning my way. Learning new people and procedures and expectations and the most efficient way to get into the teachers’ parking lot. Trying to learn Canvas and MyMathLab on the fly. Late Start Wednesday.

But on the positive, I didn’t have to decorate a room this year. My two work days before students arrived were 100% given over to getting ready to teach. When we move downstairs into the new STEM Wing at Christmas Break, I won’t have much to move. And a bunch of us from the math department get together for lunch every day. Some days the conversation cleans up enough to earn a PG-13 rating.

I don’t feel very much like The New Guy. So far this year is: Just me, doing my thing. The thing I learned from the vast awesomeness that is Math Twitter. For example: It’s Year Two of the Themed Bellringers, and apparently that’s making an impression.

Rolling out Speed Dating ahead of a unit quiz. Playing with Three-act Math on a Friday.


I’m getting good feedback from my students, which is no small thing. They are comfortable enough that one of them asked me if I’d ever seen Breaking Bad… because he thinks I look like Walter White. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on opening up a side gig anytime soon.

I don’t sit down and I’m working my ass off and mid-week training runs are a rumor and I took a half-hour nap after school on a Tuesday. In other words, school is back in session.



Via  menentk.tumblr.com





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