Did You Guys Test Today?

The line in the copy room after SATs last week. Image via http://lessonplanspage.com/zombie-based-learning/

How exhausting is it proctoring an exam? All I did was watch kids take the SAT for 5 hours one day last week. And I’m ready to fall out.  Me and about 50 others. Walking dead. A middle school teacher walked in to the copy room, saw a few of us standing there and asked “Did you guys test today?”

I wonder what gave us away?

Image via http://i.imgur.com/wJ7xZZI.gif.

Is it really only April?

And honestly, the ongoing battle of wills in about 3 of my classes with a small but very determined group of students who seem hell-bent on lesson sabotage daily is sapping my mental energy to a dangerously low level.

I must break you. Image via https://49.media.tumblr.com/e52628df98c6ddbb709d340385091570/tumblr_n9olfnBV7B1rxw7iso1_500.gif

And I’m pretty sure my pre-service teacher observers left my room convinced that I suck at teaching.

The Low-Key Countdown is on. And yeah, I know we’re not supposed to Count The Days, we’re supposed to Make The Days Count. I’m down with that strategy. Because really, The. Days. Are. Packed.

Quadratics. Singing. Graphing. More Songs. Testing. Marbleslides. Reviewing. Final Exams.  All in six weeks or so. That’s actually the kind of list that gets me out of bed in the morning. Good times. Seriously good times.

Via https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/18/60/00/186000acd3d1870cf4a191631ee2ceff.jpg

I just finished a 100-Day Burpee Challenge with my crazy online running group. Starting on New Year’s Day: One burpee the first day, 2 the second, 3 on the third, on up to 100 burpees on Day 100. Towards the end, our little facebook subgroup was encouraging each other with messages like “Only 10 days left”. Of course, they were the toughest 10 days. No rest. And God Forbid you miss a day and have 95 to make up.

That’s what the end of the year is like in Algebra 1. Like I tell my kids, we take the hardest math they’ll do all year and stick it in May, when all they want to do is leave out for summer vacation.

That’s the big challenge, isn’t it? How to combat the end of the year crash? When students and teachers kind of naturally want to wind down, we need them to run it all the way through to the tape. As with most things regarding this business, aside from, “hit ’em with your most engaging lessons”, I don’t have the answer. I’m open to suggestions.

I’ll have 67 days of summer vacation (Phineas And Ferb were liars!) to catch my breath. And 28 days to Make The Days Count.

Even though they’re testing me. Maybe especially because they’re testing me.


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