Dudsville, Next Exit


That review activity I planned for today ahead of tomorrow’s quiz? Dudsville, baby. Went over like a candy bar in a swimming pool.

"What? It's no big deal."
“What? It’s no big deal.”

I’m still trying to decide if I just did a poor job of clearly explaining my directions, a poor job of engaging my students before starting the activity (too many phones, too many earbuds), a poor job of designing the activity, or a poor job of preparing them for that level of thinking.  Or…. something else.

Most common response to my attempts at formative-assessment-by-walking-around: “I don’t get it.”  But several students admitted they were not paying any kind of attention when I explained the procedure and walked us all through an example together.

On the positive, a couple students did try.  And I sat with the ones who were really, truly, making an effort.

She's back for a second go-round in my class. I think she's come to terms with the fact that Mr. Dull's class is... different.
She’s back for a second go-round in my class. I think she’s come to terms with the fact that Mr. Dull’s class is… different.

Negative side, it was a really sucky review.  I don’t think anyone is better prepared for the quiz now than they were 24 hours ago. Not sure I’m OK with that. So tomorrow we see how the quiz goes. It’s open-note, so maybe those who didn’t find the review helpful will at least be able to rely on their class notes, which I check once a week and also post on Edmodo.

I’d say “Good Luck”, but luck’s got nothing to do with it.


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